The Elephant in the Room

Good morning and hello to all who are still bothering to read the running commentary of my life as it slowly slips into the insane. Probably seems like nothing to 50% of Americans right now currently. Emails. So many god damn emails pissing me off to high heaven every god damn second of every god damn day. Often poorly filtered garbage that doesn’t even apply to me! Jesus.
In addition, I still don’t really understand chemistry one bit, I still feel like I don’t belong with these elite class of very talented scientists and I’m going to get found out at some point. < This is apparently normal during a PhD per google>
I am still shying away from safe peptide work and sticking to what I know working this week on a more “normal” organic synthesis (Crystals every step, YEAH BOI!) including a potentially nasty POCl3 addition which went off in the end without a hitch.
I’m now just mumbling, wasting time and trying to avoid the elephant in the room. I want to talk chemistry; I really want to talk chemistry with you all today. I’d give so much just to discuss some organocatalysis, some CH activation, the latest from Jin-Quan Yu at Scripps. But I have to address the elephant in the room here. The elephant that’s a reality TV star, billionaire, real estate mogul and answers to the name of “Donald”.
I want to talk about this as an outsider with no bias either way. People who know me understand my personal opinions and a quick scroll through twitter feed gives it away. Regardless, I want to be impartial here.
Let’s wind the clock back to February and set the scene in Costa Del Salford. I was beginning to write up my dissertation, library bound each day. It was cold, dark, and obviously with it being Manchester it was constantly raining and wetter than Whitney Houston’s last joint. Procrastination is the devil that sits on the shoulder of every student, far worse than the devil even, whispering away in our ears. “Twitter”, “Emails”, “News” etc. It was the latter where I got slightly hooked, the US primaries every week I’d be all over it checking the stats and the polls and I thought to myself “Jesus… Donald Trump is going to win the nomination”. And he did. I watched a few of his talks and knew it from the start. I’ve watched wrestling on and off my whole life. I know a baby face wrestling promo when I hear one. You want to make it as the “good guy” in wrestling? Simply take the microphone and say what other people wish they could say if they had the reach and the platform, say that you are on their side and then tell them how you’re going to get it done. This is Trump. I followed it all the way to its conclusion in summer where he officially accepted the nomination and began his campaigning.
At the other end of the spectrum we had Hillary Clinton. How the hell was she still being wheeled out every election to run for the nomination. And her opposition was the only one in this who seemed somewhat normal. Bernie. Poor Bernie got shafted by his own party. On paper I would have thought it was a no brainer. Hillary vs Donald. But the reality is that Hillary came across as untrustworthy, part of the “establishment”.  Many (on Twitter) believed she would lead America to pointless and un-winnable wars. But I think even Trump could manage to take the States to war also. If he accidentally catches Putin with his teeth when he is mid-way through blowing him and then Putin gets mad at his bitch and starts slapping him around… Easily done. I want Trump to do well. If Hillary had won, I’d have wanted her to do well. Not wanting that is like wanting the pilot of your plane to crash that we are all on.
Watching the news that evening was quite odd. The Clinton headquarters and all of her supporters mooching around, sobbing looking like they were waiting for an asteroid to hit the planet and they were saying their last goodbyes. Whereas over at Trump plaza it was essentially a fresher’s frat party going on as they all cheered and chanted and what not. A country divided for sure.
And this trend is something I see for sure is going to continue. Hollande, Merkel, Renzi etc should all be quaking in their boots. The people are upset and Brexit, it seems, was not an isolated incident. It was just the beginning…
Tune in next week where I’m sure chemistry chatter and normal service will be resumed.





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