I’m Back Baby

So it has been well over a year since my last update and boy have I had quite the time. I was intending to close the blog down and admit defeat however after a really encouraging and out of the blue conversation with a post doc over at LMJU it gave me the motivation to … Continue reading I’m Back Baby


Update + DoM

Hello folks and apologies for the late installation of the blog. I hope you didn’t miss me too much. A long week off dealing with family issues, a trip to Rome and a long solid week of chemistry after. Before I race off into the fray I shall update all from previous blog RE arguing … Continue reading Update + DoM

Shattered Dreams

Another fine and glorious week in the world of research… by that I mean long hours, troublesome analysis and nothing interesting… the usual. I guess this week it’s best to start at the start which was a full day conference at Sheffield uni, stereochemistry 2017. A fine conference that’s been hosted every year for 50 … Continue reading Shattered Dreams